What Are Wayne & Roland Hiding on ‘True Detective’? Here’s What We Know

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True Detective season three returned to HBO last night for its fifth installment, and while we still don’t have many answers, one thing’s for sure: Every clue matters.

Let’s take a look at Wayne. No, we don’t think he did anything to the Purcell kids. (Still pointing those fingers at the Purcell household…) But there are shifty things going on here.

Like, when Ghost Amelia says he left something in the woods and is afraid he’ll get caught. There is no timeline for that, considering the clue was dropped inside a hallucination, so who knows what he left, where he left it and when. Seeing how Wayne’s memory is failing him, it could also be a false lead from a woman he wishes he’d treated with more respect.  

“I know what you did. What I did,” Roland says to Wayne at the end of episode five. Whatever they “did,” it sounds serious.

We sometimes forget that Wayne was a Vietnam veteran who spent weeks by himself in the jungle doing Long Range Reconnaissance. Brett “Trash Man” Woodard set his personality up as “crazy” in the second episode. Could his “crazy” have been directed at the Purcell family or the person who hurt them?

And what has taken place in his past that brings back all those ghosts? Who was the dead white man wearing a tie from his recent Vietcong hallucination? And who is surveilling him?

Lastly, there is the mysterious man—Lucy’s former boss Mr. Hoyt—whose name Roland refuses to utter, and who came to see Wayne, but he decided against mentioning it to his colleagues.

While we’re happy that these two curmudgeonly cops are back in business, we can’t help but think that they’ve buried a lot of secrets from their past.

Cough it up, Wayne. True Detective returns to HBO next Sunday, February 10, at 9 p.m.

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