Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Several Throwback Pics with Her Mom & Sisters

Tracee Ellis Ross is taking a trip down memory lane, complete with meme-worthy pics and snaps of her mother, Diana Ross.

On her Instagram Stories, the Black-ish actress shared a series of rare throwback photos that were originally posted by Mother Tongue Magazine. And among them was an iconic Ebony magazine cover from 1973, featuring a pic of Diana in swimwear as she holds Tracee and her sister, Rhonda. Tracee captioned the pic, "Yup that's a teeny ME!"

The cover also features an iconic quote on parenting from the proud mom, who said, "If loving them means spoiling them, that's just too bad."

tracee story 1
Instagram / traceeellisross

Tracee then shared another snap of herself looking skeptical as her mother, who's rocking a full suit, entertains the audience with her three daughters around her. The 49-year-old star wrote, "...And a very suspect little me." (BTW, if it looks familiar, that's because Tracee also posted a variation of this pic on her own page, where she encouraged followers to come up with funny captions.)

tracee story 2
Instagram / traceeellisross

Additionally, the Pattern founder shared vintage shots of her mom's best moments with her daughters, including one black-and-white photo of Diana spending quality time with her little girls backstage. Baby Chudney sports a wide grin on her mom's lap while Rhonda talks to her mom. Meanwhile, little Tracee is amused as she looks straight into the camera.

tracee story 3
Instagram / traceeellisross

Another standout pic reveals all three girls and their mom posing in front of a portrait of Diana, and it looks worthy of a Christmas card.

tracee story 4
Instagram / traceeellisross

Tracee's throwbacks come only a few days after she shared an iconic Oscars pic with her mom. At the time, the duo attended the 1990 Oscars, where Tracee wore a red Moschino dress and Diana wore a trendy black gown. The actress wrote, "I think this might have been baby’s first #Oscars, this was 1990! I’m wearing a @moschino “Olive Oyl” set and @maisonalaia shoes."

Keep these awesome throwbacks coming, Tracee.

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