Tracee Ellis Ross Just Posted a Meme-Worthy Throwback Pic with Mom Diana Ross on Instagram

This week in Tracee Ellis Ross news, the Pattern Haircare founder treated fans to yet another throwback Instagram post—and this time, it features a meme-worthy shot of her and a much younger Diana Ross.

Alongside the rare snap, the Black-ish star encouraged her followers to add a caption of their own, writing, "Fill in the blank: the face you make when ________. (PS: I been skeptical)."

Fans wasted no time in creating funny captions for the pic, which shows little Tracee giving someone the side-eye while sitting next to her mom on stage. Meanwhile, Diana, who appears to be rocking a full suit, is too busy entertaining the audience to notice. 

One person wrote, "You know he’s lying, but [you] allow him to keep talking." Another fan said, "[When] Someone takes food off my plate without asking" (Where is the lie?).

This isn't the first time that the star has shared a memorable throwback with her mom. In September, Tracee posted a pic of her and her sister getting ready with the help of a very pregnant Diana. And back in 2017, she shared another snap of her younger self pouting at the legendary singer, who wore a stylish fur coat.

Tracee recently celebrated the 20-year anniversary of her former sitcom, Girlfriends, along with former co-stars Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks and Persia White. While discussing the show's impact with USA Today, she said, "It was really special to see a story about four Black women, all whose stories were about mostly each other and not about the man they were pursuing. And at the core of the show was the relationship between these women, and how to be a friend."

She added, "These characters were people that you knew, they didn't feel like incarnations and television people. I think the chemistry between the four of us—and Reggie (played by William Dent) included, the five of us—was magic from the beginning."

Keep the silly mother-daughter throwback pics coming, Tracee!

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