Tracee Ellis Ross Gets Candid About Dating in New Interview with Kevin Hart: ‘I Can Have a Wheel of Lovers’

Tracee Ellis Ross is opening up about why she’s in no rush to be in a relationship.

In Kevin Hart’s Peacock series, Hart to Heart, the Black-ish star sat down with the comedian and revealed why she’s unwilling to settle at this point in her life. 

Though the episode premiered on the platform last month, Ross recently shared a short snippet from the sit-down on her personal Instagram page. “I would love a relationship that makes my life better than it is. I have no interest in just being in a relationship,” she says in the clip.

Before she can finish her thought, Ross lowers her voice and transforms into a character. But, what might really surprise viewers is that the Girlfriends alum says she would be open to having a “wheel of lovers.”

Hart jokingly asks her to stop portraying the character, to which she responds, “I take what I like and I leave the rest. I say thank you and goodbye.”

While still in character, Ross proceeds to snap her fingers and a frustrated Hart goes on to suggest why the Hollywood actress is still single. He says, “You’re not a jazz bar…That’s why you are not meeting him because you keep going to the jazz bar.” 

Yet, Ross’s finger-snapping did attract a potential suitor (well, kind of). Before the clip ends, Ross recounts a time when she sat in a jazz bar and did the finger-snapping. A man walked up to her and emulated the gesture, and she jokingly said, “I don’t know that language.”

As a wise woman once said: “Never settle.”

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