Tracee Ellis Ross Took COVID Safety to a Whole New Level & It’s Iconic

Just because it’s now safe to travel doesn’t mean Tracee Ellis Ross is taking any chances.

The Black-ish star, 48, appeared on a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers and shared a sneak peek at the over-the-top ensemble she wore on her first flight since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am also happy to see that you took that step, that big step, of getting on an airplane, taking a trip out of L.A. And I wanted to show a video,” Meyers explains in the clip. “This is someone who’s maybe not traveled for a while. Maybe forgot how you’re supposed to dress for a plane.”

Ross chimes in to defend herself, saying, “Also, somebody who was genuinely locked down. I was a genuine lockdown person. I did not go to the market. I did not go anywhere. I really did not see anyone at all. And I’m single and alone, so going out into the world with other people, I wanted to be prepared and safe, Seth.”

Meyers proceeds to show the video, which shows Ross wearing two face masks and an astronaut-like helmet. “To be clear, air filtration system in the helmet, double mask—and that was in case I needed to go to the bathroom on the plane because I wanted to be extra safe,” Ross says. “I also wiped down my seat, put a seat cover and had an air purifier I was also holding.”

Meyers asks what we’re all thinking: “Do you think people were looking at you strangely? Or was it impossible to see their faces through everything you had on?”

To which Ross has a slam-dunk response, saying, “Other people’s opinion of me was not my first priority. My priority was my safety and my comfort level. And therefore, I took all the precautions and let other people’s points of view, judgement and shaming—left those to themselves.”

Leave it to Ross to go there.

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