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tiny home exterior

Perhaps it’s all the KonMari-ing (love ya, Marie), or perhaps it’s the new minimalist trend we’re seeing everywhere. Whatever the reason, we’re feeling more and more inclined to downsize our stuff, our plastic footprint and even our homes. Whip out those notebooks, because here’s your first lesson in superb space utilization.

To add fuel to our “less is more” fire, home decor brand Allswell unveiled their new “tiny home”retail concept this week. The mattress-focused soft goods chain will be taking their tiny home around the country, stopping in major cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Nashville and Austin as a “fully shoppable” experience. Yep, even the little house, made by Modern Tiny Living, is up for purchase. At $100,000 for 238 square feet, it seems like a bargain for anyone that’s experienced NYC rent. (Now all we gotta do is figure out where to park this bad boy.)

Here, a peek inside the super-luxe little home.

tiny home kitchen

Yes, those are real marble countertops and a herringbone backsplash, people.

tiny home dinette

The dual washer/dryer by Equator is covered in custom-built solid wood cabinetry.

tiny home lounge area

The daybed nook faces a TV, with extra storage underneath.

tiny home bedroom

Why, yes, that is a custom-built barn door with shower tile that spells, “It was all a dream.” (Or a nightmare, depending on how all your KonMari-ing went.)

tiny home bathroom

Inspired? We most certainly are.

You know what they say: Go big tiny or go home. (We'll take the home, please and thanks.)

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