All the Clues Kevin & Sophie Might Reunite Next Season on ‘This Is Us’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

In season three, episode 16 of This Is Us, Kevin (Justin Hartley) just so happened to walk past his longtime love Sophie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) place. Sure, it could have been an accident, like he chocked it up to when she stumbled upon him lurking. Or, since the This Is Us powers that be aren’t in the business of being random, we surmised it might have a deeper meaning. Well, after watching the season three finale, we’re pretty much convinced Kevin and Sophie will get back together

Why? Did you see that little blonde boy with the same attitude as 11-year-old Kevin (Parker Bates) walking around? Yep, he’s Kevin’s future son and we couldn’t help but notice that he kind of looked like a mix of Sophie and Kevin. And while Sophie is technically engaged to another man and Kevin is newly single, there’s still a strong possibility they could reconcile.

Series creator Dan Fogelman shared some insight on the topic during an interview with Entertainment Weekly today. “I can’t say if we’ve met the mother yet,” he began.

He weighed in on whether Zoe will come back into the picture or if Kevin will wriggle his way into Sophie’s life again, saying, “It was very important to us and our writing staff to tell a story of a young polished woman who is someone who just doesn’t want to have kids and expresses it and does not bend on that when Kevin asks. Where that goes and if there’s a future for Zoe in this story—if there’s a future—there’s a lot of people who are rooting for Zoe, there’s a lot of people who root for Sophie. Is there another woman, or two, or 18, out there, knowing Kevin? That’s a big part of our story to fill in as well.”

So where does Kevin’s breakup in the finale leave us? “If we learned anything in this show, it’s that nothing is really ever over, because you’re going backwards and forward.” Fogelman reasoned.  

“Kevin’s love story has been a big part of his story line, because he’s our single character and he’s never been able to quite figure it all out thus far in the series,” Fogelman explained. “He also has giant stories about hopes and dreams and being the man his father wanted him to be, and his career, and his addiction. But his love story is something that’s going to continue to play out. My hope is that this guy will figure it all out at the end and wind up in a healthy place. But as to when and how and with whom, I can’t say right yet. But we do have a plan.”

As much as we’d like to be clued in to that plan, we guess we’ll just have to wait for season four. Until then, we’re shipping Kevin and Sophie.


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