No One Saw This New ‘Bachelor’ Rivalry Coming

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Sure, we’ve seen Demi pick fights with just about every contestant on The Bachelor, but last night’s episode introduced a brand-new rivalry that puts Hannah B. and Caelynn’s drama to shame.

Here’s what you need to know: On season 23, episode four of The Bachelor, Demi proved that she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. It all started on the group date when Courtney complained about not getting any one-on-one time with Colton Underwood.

Demi encouraged her to make an effort to talk to him, and Courtney did nothing. So, Demi rose to her feet and stole Underwood away…for the second time.

Fast-forward to the cocktail party, and Courtney is still complaining about her lack of time with Underwood. Demi, who already received a rose, couldn’t care less and continues to steal him away like she doesn’t have immunity.   

Sensing Courtney’s bad energy, Demi tells Underwood that she’s the “cancer of the house,” which results in a candid confrontation we never saw coming.

When Courtney calls a house meeting, demanding to know who said such things, Demi casually raises her hand and says, “What? That’s what I said. Yeah, because I do feel that way. I feel like you are.”

Unfortunately, Courtney didn’t get a chance to defend herself before the ceremony and, therefore, didn’t receive a rose.

Although she didn’t get the final word with Demi, this has Bachelor in Paradise reunion written all over it.


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