Call Your BFFs: Target Is Selling $40 Inflatable Pools That Comfortably Fit 3 Adults

inflatable pools at target

Being a kid was the best. Even if your parents didn't want to drive you to the beach, you could just drag the inflatable pool out of the garage, fill it up with a hose and...voila! Hours of fun with no travel time, annoying crowds or long bathroom lines. Now you can bring back some of that nostalgic summertime fun (without cramming into a child-size pool) thanks to a new line of inflatable adult pools at Target.

The pools are 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall and take about ten minutes to inflate and fill up, meaning you could be sitting pretty sooner than it would take you to drive to the nearest local swimming hole. There are six extremely Instagrammable patterns to choose from (including a very on-trend yellow pattern). And while you probably can't fit a giant dachshund floatie in there, you definitely toss in a classic ring floatie. Time to sit back, float and relax...



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