Franzia Is Selling Mini ‘To-Go’ Boxed Wines Called Little Franz for $3 (and They Hold 3 Glasses Each)

We’ve sung the praises of boxed wine before (oftentimes on top of an elevated surface). It lasts forever, is easy to pour from the fridge and usually contains about four bottles worth. 

But while they can be a good option for a group picnic, a giant box of vino isn’t the most portable choice. Luckily, Franzia has a solution. 

Sure, you’re all like “Franzia?! As in, slap-the-bag Franzia?” But while you may experience a shudder down your spine and a hazy memory of your first semester of college, we’ll be over here sipping our mini boxed wine.

The “Little Franz” (Adorable? Maybe. Trashy? No judgment here.) comes in a 500 milliliter box, aka the ideal size to stuff in a purse or tote bag for the outdoor summer concert series you’ve been hunting down tickets for. 

The mini boxes come in chardonnay, pinot grigio/Colombard, rosé (which they’re calling “Sunset Blush”) and Crisp White, with a suggested retail price of $3.49. They hold about three glasses of wine, meaning you net out to a buck a glass. Summer concert tix on us, OK?

But if bottles are more your style, we get it. Same goes for Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parker, who just announced she’ll be releasing a collection of sauvignon blanc and rosé in partnership with New Zealand wine company Invivo sometime this summer.

Cheers to summer (and whatever way you decide to imbibe).

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