Sarah Jessica Parker Is Launching a Wine Label; Says She Drinks Wine Out of Jars

Insert jokes about cosmopolitans: Sarah Jessica Parker is getting her own line of wines.

The Divorce star, 53, is partnering with New Zealand wine company Invivo for a collection of wines set to launch sometime this summer.

And fittingly, it’ll be all about the most summery wines we know: sauvignon blanc and rosé. According to a press release, Parker “will be involved in every aspect of the new wine, from the naming and label design to the winemaking itself and choosing the final blend.” Apparently, she even has a pair of galoshes for when she visits the New Zealand vineyards—for stomping grapes, perhaps?

In the promotional video, Parker tells Invivo’s co-founders, “At the end of the work day, I have a glass of wine. Literally, every single day. Every. Single. Day,” and then follows up with, “I don’t use wine glasses, I just use empty jars.”

You could say she’s qualified.

Anyway, you can sign up to get notified when the wines come to fruition.

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