Halle-Gouda! Target Is Bringing Back Its Cheese Advent Calendar Filled with 24 Mini Cheese Wheels

Warning: Cheese puns ahead.

You can never be too *aged* for some good cheese puns, but this announcement is so *grate* we had to share right away (sorry, we can't stop): There is a mini cheese-filled Advent calendar that exists, and it's available from Target (as if we needed any more reason to spend our entire weekend there). 

The perfect complement to our wine lovers' Advent calendar: the Ilchester Cheese Calendar by So Wrong It's Nom, which contains 24 mini cheese wheels…and it's back for a second year. From Jarlsberg, applewood and mature cheddar to Wensleydale and red Leicester, this is the stuff of dairy-filled dreams. And it'll available for $20 at 247 select Targets nationwide (as well as Lidl and Publix…so there's really no excuse).

While we still don't have an official release date, we know it'll hit shelves sometime in November (and you can check back on the So Wrong, It's Nom website for the latest updates).

And don't forget about Aldi's wine and cheese versions due out November 6, lest this one sell out too Swiss-ly. 

Bottom line: A Merry Cheesemas to all, and to all a gouda night. (Yeah, we warned you.)

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