PSA: Aldi’s Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars Are Back and Better Than Last Year’s

Yep, we know it’s only October. But when we’re talking about grocery shopping at Aldi, every day is like Christmas. 

Thankfully, we have even more reason to celebrate early this year, because the beloved grocery store chain brought back its buzzed-about wine-filled advent calendars stateside for 2019 (the second year we've been able to buy them in the U.S., before 2018 they were only available in the U.K.).

The wine calendar will be based on Aldi’s award-winning wines and contains 24 mini bottles of red, white and sparkling (praying the rosé makes the cut) for $70. FYI: Aldi upped their boozy holiday game this year with the addition of two other alcohol-filled calendars. There's a 7-day countdown to New Year's Eve calendar filled with seven mini-bottles of sparkling wine for $25 and a beer advent calendar for $50.

Aldi's cheese advent calendar is only $15 and includes 24 “festive imported mini cheeses” in a foldable, refrigerable box with numbered doors for each date between Dec. 1 and Dec. 24 (though, if you think we're only eating one mini-cheese a day leading up to Christmas, you're sorely mistaken).

Both the wine and cheese calendars will hit stores on November 6, 2019. And since 2018’s stock sold out within minutes last year, you best believe we’re setting a reminder to hit the store the day it comes out.

“Alexa, remind me to buy all the wine and cheese calendars I can get my hands on this year.”

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