Simu Liu Sets the Record Straight on His Awkward Interaction with ‘Barbie’ Co-Star Ryan Gosling

simu liu ryan gosling barbie
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If you’ve been following Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, you’re probably familiar with one of the cast members, Simu Liu. The 34-year-old actor recently made headlines after fans witnessed a seemingly awkward encounter between Liu and his Barbie co-star, Ryan Gosling. But according to Liu, there’s no beef between the Kens.

This week, Liu shared a photo on his Instagram Story to set the record straight. The post featured a snap of the actor posing with Gosling, along with a caption that brushed off the encounter.

ryan gosling simu liu
ryan gosling simu liu

“I’d beach off with this Kenadian again in a heartbeat,” Liu wrote. “He is the best human in every way, especially when he jokes around with us on the carpet and on set, infecting all of us with his Kenergy.” (FYI, the interaction took place at the Toronto premiere of Barbie, when Gosling appeared to snub Liu.)

Liu went on to say that there are more pressing matters to be worried about: like the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG/AFTRA strikes. He added, “Now let’s get back to the issues that matter, like supporting our striking actors and writers fighting for fair wages!”

simu liu ryan gosling barbie
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In an interview with StarLifestyle, Liu revealed that it’s a dream come true to be part of the Barbie cast. “It was just so smart, funny, thoughtful and poignant,” he said. “I’m as much in disbelief as everyone else. My parents definitely can’t believe it. I think they’ve ordered like 20 dolls.”

One thing’s for sure: All’s well in Barbieland.

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