Watch Simone Biles Battle Her Boyfriend in Competitive ‘Rope Challenge’ Video

Simone Biles’s boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, just did the unthinkable and went head-to-head against the 24-year-old gymnast.

Biles recently released an all-new segment of her Facebook Watch series, Simone Versus Herself, which features the athlete battling her 25-year-old beau in a “rope challenge.”

In the video, the Olympian is standing in front of two hanging ropes, which are attached to the ceiling. Biles explains that she and Owens are going to race to the top to determine who’s faster.

“So, we’re going to do a rope challenge,” she says in the clip. “Gymnast versus NFL player.”

It’s important to note that the “rope challenge” isn’t all fun and games, since they bet $50. Before they begin, Owen tries to up the ante by throwing in a foot rub. (Nice try.)

He says, “What do I get? A foot massage? 30 minutes?” To which Biles responds, “No! You said 50 bucks.”

We’ll let you watch the video to see the competition for yourself, but let’s just say Owens has a lot of excuses for someone who was so confident that he tried to add a foot rub to the grand prize.

“Well, I had you about three-fourths of the way,” he adds. “I just…I burnt out.”

We learned about the couple back in 2020 when Biles first went public with their relationship. The gymnast shared a never-before-seen selfie on Instagram and wrote, “It’s just us.” (P.S.: If Owens looks familiar, it’s probably because he’s a safety for the Houston Texans.)

Tokyo Olympics, here she comes.

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