Alleged ‘Tinder Swindler’ Conman Is Developing a Dating Show &…Wait, What?

We’re extremely irked by this brand-new announcement about Simon Leviev (AKA the alleged Tinder Swindler).

This week, several outlets (like TMZ and E! News) confirmed that Leviev is taking advantage of his newfound fame from Netflix’s documentary, The Tinder Swindler. The alleged conman has reportedly signed a contract with a talent manager named Gina Rodriguez (no, not that one), who has launched the careers of multiple reality stars—including Mama June Shannon and Honey Boo Boo. REALLY?

simon leviev dating show

Leviev has big plans for his brand-new partnership, according to TMZ. First, he wants to develop a dating show. (Seriously.) He also hopes to publish a book and host a podcast about relationships…though his “relationship advice” qualifications seem dubious.

To top it off, he’s also reportedly selling videos on Cameo for—drumroll, please—$300. FYI, the app allows fans to pay celebrities in exchange for personalized clips. Despite his Tinder ban, Cameo hasn’t put an end to his additional income.

The question is: Why are we allowing this to happen? Anyone who watched The Tinder Swindler knows about his alleged schemes. So, why are we giving him a platform to succeed? Did anyone ask for this?

The Tinder Swindler offers a platform for Leviev’s alleged victims to tell their stories. Per the documentary, the scammer is notorious for developing relationships with women, showering them with lavish trips and gifts and then—when the timing is right—asking for money. Although he promises to pay them back, it never happens. Investigators believe he’s running a Ponzi-like scheme, where he uses the money from one woman to impress another and then disappears before restarting the cycle.

Please excuse us while we rinse off this nauseating feeling in the shower.

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