Serena Williams Starred in Not One, But *Two* Ads During the Super Bowl

While we may not have paid attention to every minute of the game, the Super Bowl was worth a watch for its commercial breaks alone, which, as per usual, were like a who's who of Hollywood stars.

Ahead of the big game, we knew we'd be seeing major spots, with Jim Carrey reprising his creepy Cable Guy role and Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost giving us a comical peek into their thoughts. But, it turns out one of the biggest stars of the Super Bowl was none other than Serena Williams.

The 40-year-old tennis player made a special appearance in not one, but *two* ads, which only made us doubly excited. The first was a Michelob ULTRA commercial that featured other major names like Peyton Manning, Alex Morgan, Steve Buscemi, Brooks Koepka, Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumike.

In the clip, the group of celebs are seen trying to outdo each other while bowling, but they all get a look of intimidation when Williams walks into the room, sporting an all-purple set embroidered with her first name on the front. “Game time,” Buscemi says.

While we loved this iconic cameo, Williams wasn't content with just one appearance. Following the star-stuffed commercial, the athlete appeared in a different clip where she acted alone, promoting Tonal—an at-home smart gym and personal trainer.

In this ad, Williams says, “Never be afraid of your strength because your body is capable of amazing things. The one they said you shouldn't have. The one driven by a power they can't see. Own your strength and see how far it takes you.” As this voiceover plays, the tennis pro is seen using the gym equipment in a black workout set.

When there's double the dose of Serena, you won't find us complaining.

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