The One Super Bowl Ad Everyone Is Talking About (Even Though the Game Is Still Days Away)

While the big game is still days away, Scarlett Johansson and her husband Colin Jost are making headlines for a Super Bowl spot that has already gone viral.

In a new 2022 Super Bowl commercial, the married couple experience what it would be like if Alexa could hear what they’re thinking. The one-minute video starts with the Black Widow and the SNL stars coming downstairs to announce it's "Game Day." While the new technology may seem cool, they soon realize that it may cause more harm than good.

After activating Alexa, the couple goes about their daily routine (with the Amazon gadget eavesdropping on their every thought). For instance, Johansson rolls over in bed and tells her husband, “I love that we get to sleep in,” while Jost buries his nose into the pillow. Alexa proceeds to say, “Ordering fresh mint mouthwash. Extra strength,” indicating that the 37-year-old actress has bad breath. 

Another scenario shows the pair having guests over for dinner. One visitor compliments Johansson on her cooking, saying “Scarlett, this bread is delicious. Did you make it?” She answers, “Yes, it’s from my Gammy’s recipe.” Jost looks at Alexa and then an announcement is made, saying, “Gammy is short for ‘she bought it at Whole Foods.’”

Toward the end, they both agree that it would be better if Alexa “can’t read your mind” and an Amazon smile logo pops up.

Not only has this commercial been trending for the last couple of days, but it also marks the first time the couple has worked together on an ad campaign. Per AdWeek, Jo Shoesmith, who is the Executive Director of Global Creative at Amazon, explained why they chose the celebrity couple to do the commercial. 

“Early on in the script development, we realized it was pretty important we had a married couple within this story that didn't take themselves too seriously and would be able to play to the humor within the story,” she said.

Just seeing the couple poke fun at each other proves that this was some spot-on casting.

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