Sarita Choudhury Teases What Fans Can Expect From Seema on 'And Just Like That' Season 2

We have a confession to make. Although we loved seeing the original trio from Sex and the City make a comeback, it's Seema Patel (you know, Carrie's accomplished, no-nonsense friend) who's been winning us over on the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That.

Played brilliantly by 56-year-old star Sarita Choudhury, Seema stands out as fierce, practical and unapologetic—even with little screen time. And by the end of season one, fans will recall that the real-estate agent was still living her best life. But what can we expect to see from her on And Just Like That season 2?

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PureWow had the pleasure of speaking with the actress about the upcoming season at this year's Screen Writer's Guild Awards, and it sounds like fans will get a more intimate look at the beloved character.

She told us, "Even though Seema came out strong in season one, I think in season two, you see more fun but also more nuance. You see a bit more inside her, the background and what's going on. Not just when she's out and about with Carrie, but like, what happens just before that."

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Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Choudhury also revealed that while she doesn't share many similarities with Seema in real life, it's been a fun experience to portray her in the series. The actress said, "Before [a big event], I'm a bundle of nerves. She wouldn't be."

"But I like her," she continued. "I like playing her, and I just wonder what seeped into my life...I hope a bit."

Aside from chatting about the show, Choudhury also discussed the importance of TV writers and why it's necessary for them to get recognized. She said, "We're representing writers tonight. I feel like, why don't we know all writers' names, but we know actors' names? When they create everything? So, I'm here to hype up the writers, because they're the beginning of our works. We literally know so few names, and that's weird."

All we can say is, kudos to the talented writers of And Just Like That for giving Seema more screen time in season two.

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