‘And Just Like That’ Finale Delivers Not 1, Not 2, But *3* Surprise Twists

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s hard to believe that the Sex and the City reboot has already come to an end. HBO Max dropped the final episode of And Just Like That today and, oof, it was a doozy.

Not only do we find out what happens to each of the new characters—Che gets a pilot in L.A., Nya takes a break from Andre, Seema gets her groove back with her club owner beau, LTW continues to be a close confidante to Charlotte—but we also discover what’s next for our favorite Sex and the City gals.

Carrie gets the Big closure she needs on a bridge in Paris, Charlotte finally becomes a woman with the help of Rabbi Jen, Samantha is still abroad but is now responding more frequently to Carrie’s texts and Miranda is back to being a redhead. Did we miss anything?

Oh. Yes. Yes, we did. We forgot to mention the three major twists that just occurred. Three twists we definitely didn’t see coming. Three twists that will completely change the course of these characters’ lives...

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1. The Return Of Samantha

The reboot writers masterfully handled the disappearance of Samantha this season, mostly by making the choice to address things head on. Rather than simply sweep Samantha under the carpet, she was discussed at length in the first episode, she sent flowers in the second episode and she was brought up several times over the course of the season.

We all knew damn well that Kim Cattrall wouldn’t be returning in the flesh. But in the finale, we got the next best thing: the promise of a Carrie and Samantha reunion! This twist was particularly effective thanks to the texts between the former friends early on in the episode.

Samantha says she’ll be ready to talk “soon.” While this seems like progress to a certain degree, it sets us up to believe that Samantha simply isn’t ready to truly reunite with Carrie. But then! Carrie is in Paris saying her final farewells to Big, when Samantha agrees to meet up. TWIST!

Now if only we can get season two to find out what went down during their IRL time together…

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2. Miranda Actually Goes To L.a.

In hindsight, it probably doesn’t seem that surprising for Rambo to accompany Che to the west coast. However, the writers set us up throughout the season (and throughout the finale episode) to believe that their love story will never really work out. So it is quite the coup when Miranda’s final moments involve heading off to the airport for her new life with Che.

To begin with, the relationship seems doomed from minute one. Che isn’t thrilled with Miranda over her delay in telling Steve about them. Che’s sexual past is brought up over and over in front of Miranda. Che is guilty of gaslighting Miranda on more than one occasion. Oh, and Che is (a self-admitted) narcissist. Lots of reasons to think a joint-move to L.A. will never come to fruition.

And, of course, there are several plot points in the finale episode specifically that hint at disaster. Che drops the bomb that they are going to L.A. via song, leaving Miranda to assume she’s being left behind. TWIST: Che wants Miranda to come. But then, Nya drops the bomb that Miranda is choosing to abandon her “impossible to get” internship. TWIST: Miranda doesn’t care and is gonna hit the road anyway. But then, Carrie confronts Miranda in a candy bar/bathroom argument scene for ruining her “friends go to Paris” trip idea. TWIST: Rabbi Jen saves the day, saves their friendship and Miranda remains on track to join Che in Hollywood.

Of all the twists, this might have seemed the least surprising. But it should be the most considering all the obstacles that stood between Miranda and the final moment of getting into a cab for the airport.

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Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

3. That Elevator Kiss

Are. You. Kidding. Me?!

How will Carrie’s story end? The epilogue that was hinted at earlier in the season courtesy of her book publisher (and the desire for a teeny-tiny glimmer of hope) finally arrives. Sex and the City is back—this time as a solo podcast for Carrie, who can dish out sex and relationship advice. She finally has some closure regarding her deceased husband courtesy of that gorgeous bridge scene in Paris. Carrie has new friends, Carrie has her old friends. Surely, that’s all we need for our Carrie epilogue to see that her future is hopeful.

TWIST!!! In the final seconds of the season, Carrie and Franklin kiss passionately as the elevator doors close. And just like that…we have our glimmer of hope that things really are going to be alright for our protagonist.

Whether or not we get a season two for this revival series, we can all at least rest easy that Carrie Bradshaw is going to be just fine.

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