Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sarah Ferguson

From her unwavering loyalty to her close-knit friendship with the late Princess Diana, it’s easy to see why Sarah Ferguson (AKA Fergie) is so high on the popularity scale. The ginger-haired royal has lived in the spotlight ever since she tied the knot with her former husband, Prince Andrew. And now, she’s not only involved in several charities, but also, she’s making her mark in the film world as a producer.

Born and raised in London, the Duchess of York went to Hurst Lodge School, then moved on to attend Queen's Secretarial College. After graduating from college at just 18, Sarah worked at a public relations firm in London. And in 1985, when she attended a party at Windsor Castle, she struck up a romance with her childhood friend, Prince Andrew. Only a year later, the couple got married in Westminster Abbey, and Ferguson officially became the Duchess of York.

The royal couple welcomed their first daughter, Princess Beatrice, in August 1988, and their second, Princess Eugenie, in March 1990. However, after six years of marriage and four years of separation, they got divorced.

Following their split, Ferguson landed a few partnerships with brands like Weight Watchers, Wedgwood and Avon. She has also been actively involved in quite a few charities, including American Cancer Society and Children in Crisis, an organization she founded in 1993 to help improve the lives of underprivileged children.

Ferguson also boasts an impressive film and TV career. (Fun fact, she guest starred in an episode of Friends back in 1998). But since then, she has co-founded a production company called Vestapol Films, served as a co-host for BBC Radio 2's lifestyle show, Steve Wright, produced three films, including The Young Victoria, and launched her own YouTube series, Storytime with Fergie and Friends. The royal has also written multiple books, including her autobiography, Finding Sarah and the children’s book, Tea for Ruby.

Yep, this royal is definitely on a roll.