Sarah Ferguson Calls Princess Diana 'Pillar of Light' in Emotional Birthday Tribute

"what a legacy you have left behind"

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Sarah Ferguson is honoring her dear friend, Princess Diana, on what would've been her 63rd birthday.

The Duchess of York, 64, honored the late princess with an emotional tribute on Instagram, complete with a throwback photo. In it, both Fergie and Princess Di are dressed to the nines as they watch the Battle of Britain Anniversary Parade from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 1990. The duchess captioned the post, "Happy birthday to my dear friend, Diana. You were a pillar of light and love. And what a legacy you have left behind. I will forever remember our laughter and the kindred, kind spirit I found in you. I'm sure you're watching over us always. Rest in peace my friend."

In the comments, several fans included their well wishes for the late princess. One fan wrote, "Happy birthday Princess Diana! Thank you for your incredible impact on the world, you inspire millions of people! We love you so much!!"

Others reflected on Princess Di's tight-knit friendship with the duchess. A fan said, "I have so many memories of watching you and Diana giggling together, enjoying your Royal duties together!!" Another added, "Two wonderful women who supported each other, separated too soon."

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Fergie and Princess Diana had known each other since they were adolescents, then proceeded to deepen their friendship bond after they both married into the British royal family. Diana tied the knot with the former Prince Charles in 1981, while Fergie married his brother, Prince Andrew in 1986. Fergie told People, "We were best friends from when she was 14 and I was 15. She taught me so much of public life. She was so brave. We used to have the most incredible time together."

The duchess also opened up about how they supported each other during their mental health challenges. She said, "[Diana] and I used to talk. She said, 'Fergie, remember one thing: When you're at the top of the pedestal, it's so easy to fall off. And you're at the bottom. You just climb up.'"

She continued, "We were positioned as saint and sinner. And the most important thing was to remain robust together, and we did, no matter what anyone wrote."

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