Sandra Bullock Opens Up About That Dazzling Sequin Jumpsuit from ‘The Lost City’

If you've ever wondered how Loretta Sage's dazzling fuchsia jumpsuit came to be in The Lost City, Sandra Bullock's got answers.

In a new featurette exclusive to People, the Oscar-winning actress explained that it was her personal style preference that inspired this wardrobe choice. In the interview, she said, "The jumpsuit is a character unto itself. The jumpsuit came from the fact that I personally love a jumpsuit."

Bullock's character in the film, however, isn't too fond of the glittery onesie that she has to wear on her book tour. Still, it turns out this ensemble held a lot of meaning in terms of her character growth. Co-director Adam Nee explained, "We really wanted to create a costume that highlights Loretta being pulled from her cocoon. It's the last thing you would choose to wear, especially on a jungle adventure."

Bullock added, "Let's put her in a sequined jumpsuit. What is the most awkward and uncomfortable thing to see Loretta Sage in?"

As for the color, the film's producer, Liza Chasin, explained that she wanted to use a shade that was eye-catching, which prompted Bullock to show the team the exact color she liked. She recalled, "I had this dead floral arrangement that had this really pretty dead fuchsia orchid in it, and we were on Zoom and I literally held it up to everyone. I was like, 'Can we have this color?'"

After this, costume designer Marlene Stewart created the sparkly number that would survive the elements. Bullock said, "It needed to be in the mud, it needed to fit my stumble, we needed to have 70 of them. It needed to expand as I ate too much at craft service and it needed to shrink as I was losing weight from dehydration in the jungle."

It may not be the best outfit for trekking through the wilderness, but we can totally picture this jumpsuit on the runway.

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