The Genius Way Sandra Bullock Convinced Brad Pitt to Join ‘The Lost City’ Cast

Without Sandra Bullock, we might have never seen Brad Pitt appear in the new action film, The Lost City. The Hollywood actress confided in someone close to the actor who could sway him to do the project: his hairstylist.

During a recent appearance on The Project, Bullock revealed the witty tactic she used to convince the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star to join the cast.

“Janine Thompson, who has been doing my hair for centuries on films, does his hair. And he asked her to call me and ask me to do him a favor,” the actress told the outlet.

She continued, “And I called her and said, ‘Since I said yes, can you get in his ear and ask him to do our film?’ And he said yes! There is nothing sexy about it. Hairstylists hold all the power in Hollywood.” Pure genius.

The Proposal alum had a lot of fun filming certain scenes with her fellow cast members—so much so that she couldn’t stop laughing in between takes, resulting in some scenes getting cut from the movie.

In an interview with Insider, the 57-year-old actress recounted a scene where Pitt and Channing Tatum had to get her character into a getaway car. The 21 Jump Street actor started ad-libbing his lines—and that’s when she completely lost it.

“There’s a scene where they have to get me to a car. [Tatum] and that other actor—I can never remember his name, he's got blond hair,” she said at the time. “The directors had Channing ad-lib lines to us, and none of his lines were used because I was laughing so hard.”

Smart move, Sandra.

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