‘The Lost City’ Star Sandra Bullock Opens Up About Why She’s Not on Social Media

For the longest time, fans have wondered why Sandra Bullock does not use social media. Now, the 57-year-old actress is finally opening up about her decision to stay off the internet—and the reason may surprise you.

While appearing on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Bullock was asked if the reason she stayed off social media was due to her 1995 film, The Net. She jokingly replied, “I learned a lot.”

The actress continued, “We met real hackers and I remember people going, ‘Does that exist? Do you think we could actually order a pizza from your computer?’ And I was like, ‘Yes.’”

TBH, Sandra, The Net would make us think twice about being on social media too, considering the film's narrative.

In the movie, Bullock played a computer programmer named Angela Bennett, who works for a computer company called Cathedral Software. Her co-worker uncovers secret information being held by the government and sends her a copy. Soon, she finds herself at the hands of a dangerous cyber-terrorist group called the “Praetorians.”

In a race against time, Angela tries to reclaim her identity while trying to save the people she loves. The film also stars Jeremy Northam (Emma), Ray McKinnon (The Blind Side) and L. Scott Caldwell (Our Kind of People).

Back in 2018, The Proposal alum sat down with InStyle and revealed if she ever felt pressure to make a social media profile. She said, “Oh god, I would have one glass of rosé and be spouting off like [slurs voice], ‘This is not the truth!’”

“I’m not ignorant of what's happening out there,” she added. “I look over people’s shoulders, going, ‘What is that little vignette of a cat on a fan?' I'm just lazy. But I'm going to get on it and troll my friends. Once my kids are using it, I’ll know how to navigate it. I don't want to be naïve.”

Bullock currently stars alongside Channing Tatum in the new comedy/action film, The Lost City. In an interview with Insider, the actress revealed that certain scenes were cut from the movie because she couldn’t stop laughing between takes.

For example, there was a scene where Tatum and Brad Pitt had to get her character into a getaway car and drive away. The 21 Jump Street actor started ad-lidding his lines—and that’s when Bullock completely lost it.

“There's a scene where they have to get me to a car. [Tatum] and that other actor—I can never remember his name, he's got blond hair,” she told the outlet. “The directors had Channing ad-lib lines to us, and none of his lines were used because I was laughing so hard.”

Honestly, we don’t blame you for staying off Facebook, Sandra. The internet is a scary place sometimes.

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