Salma Hayek Stunned in Baby Blue at Paris Fashion Week with Daughter and Stepdaughter

Salma Hayek may have gotten entangled in a major wardrobe malfunction last week, but that's not gonna stop her from pulling out more stunning outfits.

The 55-year-old actress was just one of many stars who were spotted at Paris Fashion Week. However, when Hayek appeared at the Balenciaga Fall ’22 show, she caught everyone's attention by bringing along two of her stylish children—her daughter, Valentina, 14, and her stepdaughter, Mathilde, 21.

The trio posed for a series of shots and it seemed that black was the theme for the family members' outfits (except Hayek decided to add a splash of color with her look). Mathilde sported an all-denim look, with charcoal-colored jeans and a matching jacket, while Valentina tucked a black sweater into a matching mini skirt, along with Balenciaga logo tights. To round things out, Hayek also opted for a black, long-sleeve sweater, which she paired with a lace trim skirt and booties. All three ladies were seen carrying onyx-colored bags as well.

hayek hero
Anthony Ghnassia/Stringer/Getty Images

While we're all for a monochromatic moment, we loved Hayek's addition of a baby blue button-up over her all-black outfit. The Frida star also rolled up the sleeves of the oversized shirt so we could get a good look at the sparkly silver bracelets on her left wrist.

Hayek's husband of the last 13 years, François-Henri Pinault (whose two sons, François and Augustin, are not pictured), joined the trio for another photo, and it seems he got the color coordination memo, given that he's dressed in a black blazer and pants over a matching top.

hayek hero2
Anthony Ghnassia/Stringer/Getty Images

There's nothing we love more than a matching family moment.

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