Ryan Seacrest Shares Rare Pics from His Childhood (& We're Getting Major Retro Vibes)

If there's one thing we know about Ryan Seacrest, it's that he loves a good internet trend.

This week, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host shared some wonderfully awkward throwback pics on Instagram. In the caption, Seacrest wrote: "You just had to be there."

The slideshow pays tribute to several iconic objects from his childhood, ranging from a Mini Cooper-sized cell phone to a Panasonic boombox that can only play cassettes. Three of the photos feature a glimpse of young Seacrest, who has undergone a major hair evolution. (Who wants Seacrest to bring back that pageboy cut?)

Seacrest's post is following on the heels of a trend that has been dominating Twitter for the past two weeks. The "you had to be there" movement has been circulating on the social media platform, and it encourages users to share four images of hyper-specific things from their childhood that only people who lived in that era would fully understand.

The slideshow features other hidden references to Seacrest's childhood. This includes the Star 94 shirt in the first photo, which is a nod to a radio station in his birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia. One of the commenters pointed out the shirt, saying: "Star 94!!! Steve & Vicki" (alluding to the former hosts of the station).

We'll gladly take any throwback pics that Seacrest is willing to share.

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