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Somebody get Chrissy Teigen a Comedy Central special, because she is the queen of roasting hubby John Legend. He may have written her a song praising all of her “perfect imperfections,” but that doesn't mean he's safe from her hysterical zingers. Brace yourself for these 13 rib-tickling John Legend digs.

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1. When She Planned Ahead

Knowing her affinity for fast food, we can only surmise this note is written on a Taco Bell hot sauce.

2. When She Let Him Know That All of Him Just Isn’t Enough

That's a three-pointer for Teigen. #NothingButNet

3. When She Checked His Ego

Winning ten Grammys doesn't necessarily mean you're good at singing.

4. When She Joined In On An Internet-Wide Joke And People Lost Their Minds

Don’t be such a poor sport, Arthur John.

Simultaneously unpacking and filing for divorce

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

5. When She Found This Relic

We've heard of skeletons in the closet, but unflattering mustaches are uncharted territory.

6. When She Was In It For The Long Haul

Because paperwork.

7. When She Called Him a ‘Loser’

But seriously, who incorrectly spells John Legend?!

8. When She Searched for New Trolling Material

She may have come up with zero search results, but it's the thought that counts.

9. When She Wasn’t Into His Dad bod

Just a day in the life of Christine Diane Teigen.

Cooking class with el sensitivo

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10. When She Wiped Away His Tears

Suuuree, blame it on the onions.

my baby got another honorary doctorate! I have a bunch too I just don't brag about all the time

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11. When She Called Him Out For Bragging All The Time

Keep that tassel to the right, John. It's an honorary doctorate and Chrissy has a “bunch.” No braggies.

Luna List

12. When She Announced that John Is the Father of Her Second Child

Better safe than sorry.

13. When She Called Him A ‘Good Egg,’ Then Got Right Back To the Business of Trolling

Aww, Legend surprised Teigen with a gorgeous wedding photo album as a Christmas gift. Whatevs, anyone can use Shutterfly, including Teigen's “zero talent” husband. Bazinga!

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