Ryan Phillippe's Son Deacon Looks Just Like Him in Never-Before-Seen Pics

Ryan Phillippe has been spending some quality time with his family recently, and it seems like he’s rubbing off on his son, Deacon.

The 46-year-old shared a series of photos from a recent hiking trip he took with his 17-year-old child to Joshua Tree National Park in California. In the slideshow, which he shared on Instagram, the Cruel Intentions star and the teenager can be seen posing for selfies, climbing rocks and showing off the hard-earned blisters they acquired during their little father-son adventure. “Free Duo,” he captioned the post.

And it looks like Deacon hasn’t just acquired his dad's love for the outdoors, but his impressive genes as well. No, we’re not just talking about the blonde hair. Deacon also seems to have acquired his dad’s smile, blue eyes and seriously impressive bone structure. Not to mention, they both have the same exact nose.

See what we mean? They’re nearly identical (aside from the whole age gap thing).

This definitely isn’t the first time we’ve noticed the striking resemblance. Earlier this month, Reese Witherspoon shared a new photo of her son Deacon in honor of his latest single, “Love for the Summer,” which was released days prior. “Song of the Weekend!” Witherspoon captioned a video featuring the song. “I think they call this a Bop or is it a Banger? A Bangin’ Bop? Help me out @deaconphillippe... Check out #LovefortheSummer.”

Witherspoon also has some pretty strong genes herself, considering the couple’s daughter Ava is practically an exact replica of her mother.

If we’ve learned one thing from the Witherspoon/Phillippe family, it’s that good looks run in the gene pool.