Reese Witherspoon Says She & Beyoncé Are BFFs After Champagne Incident

It appears Reese Witherspoon and Beyoncé are the latest Hollywood BFF duo to watch. Well, according to the 43-year-old actress, at least.

Witherspoon appeared on a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed her encounter at the Golden Globes with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. (ICYMI: The BLL star “borrowed” a glass of Champagne and then received an entire case of bubbly from the famous couple a few days later.)

When DeGeneres asked about the incident, Witherspoon explained that she and Jennifer Aniston ran out of water, so they opted for the next best thing. “We run out of water at our table,” she said. “I was thirsty and so was [Jennifer] Aniston, who was sitting next to me, and I was like, well, Jay-Z seems to have a giant bottle of champagne.”

So, Witherspoon tapped Jay-Z on the shoulder and asked for a pour. “I was, like, ‘Excuse me, Jay-Z…’And he was like, ‘Yeah, do you want some champagne?’” she added. “And I was like, ‘Yes, I do.’ Because clearly, he brings the good stuff.”

The Little Fires Everywhere star confirmed that she received a case of Champagne from the famous couple as a result, followed by a huge orange box filled with the Ivy Park Adidas collection. When DeGeneres joked that she received the same gifts, Witherspoon explained that she’s extremely tight with Beyoncé.

“No, no, no, she sent me clothes and then I was like, ‘I think Ellen might like these,’” she joked. “Then she sent them to you because Beyoncé and I are really good friends. I mean, really, really, really good friends. And I mean, in fact, you might say best friends. Some might say that.”

We’d love to hear what Beyoncé has to say about this.


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