5 Royals Gave Us a Look Inside Their Home this Weekend During Zoom Calls to Veterans

Queen Elizabeth may have given a history-making speech and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles may have led the U.K. in a two minute moment of silence, but those three aren’t the only members of the royal family who recognized VE Day this year.

ICYMI: Last week marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day—75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. In honor of the national day of remembrance, Princess Anne, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Edward spoke to veterans who served in the war about their recollections of that remarkable day.

And since social distancing is still in full effect, they each had to conduct the interviews from the comfort of their own home. Lucky for us, this meant even more glimpses into the private estates of our favorite royals.

Shall we take a look?

1. Princess Anne

It was just last week when the Princess Royal gave us a first look into her home where she’s self-isolating, but fortunately we got to see it for a second time this weekend.

We’re pretty sure the queen's only daughter and her husband are currently staying at Gatcombe Park, their private country home in Gloucestershire. The room shown in the video, which looks to be a living room, features a handful of figurines on shelves, family photos, a large gold mirror and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses (which seem to be lasting a seriously long time).

2. Sophie, Countess Of Wessex

This is the third (we repeat, third) time Sophie has invited us into her home virtually. However, we’ve not seen this room before. This part of her Windsor estate, which she shares with hubby Prince Edward, looks almost like a home office, featuring wood walls, a lamp in the corner and some kind of patterned decoration (or perhaps a curtain?) over her right shoulder.

Still, the color scheme seems bold and bright.

3 & 4. The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

Ah yes, we recognize this room (remember last month when Kate and Will made a call to Casterton Primary Academy?). Looks like the couple has a favorite spot for Zooms at their country home in Norfolk.

While we can’t see too much from the five minute clip, we noticed the simple aesthetic of the room, including neutral colors such as beige, cream and white.

5. Prince Edward, Earl Of Wessex

Why yes, that is the room we saw Sophie sitting in. Apparently, Edward and his wife use the same exact corner to conduct business.