Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Exit Quarantine for a Very Important Reason

Prince Charles and Camila Parker Bowles made a rare appearance outside of their home this morning. Don’t worry, it was for a very good reason.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day—75 years since the end of the Second World War in Europe. In honor of the national day of remembrance, the royal couple paid their respects in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where they are currently isolating. To kick things off, the Prince of Wales led the nation in a two-minute moment of silence, before he and his wife laid a wreath and some flowers at a memorial near Balmoral.

Prince Charles looked dapper in his Highland day dress, including a Hunting Stewart kilt, a Gordon Highlanders tie and a lapel badge as he placed a wreath at the foot of the monument along with a note that read, “In everlasting remembrance, Charles.”

Camilla opted for her 4 Rifles dress and laid a bouquet of beautiful flowers she had picked from the garden at their Birkhall home, according to Hello! Her handwritten message read, “In memory of my darling father and all the officers and men of the XII Lancers, who fought so bravely to give us peace.”

Citizens across the U.K. were obviously unable to gather as usual due to the current coronavirus pandemic. They will, however, be able to tune in to Queen Elizabeth’s rare speech via the BBC this evening. The speech mirrors the one her father King George VI delivered three-quarters of a century ago on May 8, 1945, celebrating the Allies' formal acceptance of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender.

Talk about a busy day.