Rihanna Just Proved She’s a Way Better Day Drinker than Seth Meyers (and Us)

Fact: Day drinking is fun in general. But day drinking with Rihanna is even better—just ask Seth Meyers. The Late Night with Seth Meyers host invited RiRi to pour it up, pour it up with him yesterday…ya know, just for fun.

Meyers kicked things off by trying to prove he knows how to party and chugged a shot and a beer. Not wanting to be outpaced, the 31-year-old Grammy winner followed suit and then watched as Meyers proceeded to try and make her some on-theme drinks.

Meyers, apparently an aspiring mixologist, made Rihanna such cocktails as an “Under my Rumbrella,” a “Diamonds in the Rye,” a “We Found Vueve in a Hostess Place,” and, last but not least, a “B**ch Better Have My Bunny.”

So, what did we learn? Rihanna does not like the words “nut milk” and Meyers thinks Twinkies and Veuve Cliquot go well together (?). He also is a major Rihanna fangirl.

But that’s not all. They also played a drinking game in which Meyers asked Rihanna where she wore certain outfits. Then, they offered one another a little advice. Rihanna asked what she should do for a career if she ever quits music (first the shirt, now this?) and the 45-year-old host answered “pilot.”

With that out of the way, Meyers practiced (terrible) pick-up lines on Rihanna, RiRi did his makeup with Fenty Beauty and then they performed a pretty, uh, interesting duet (followed by yet another shot).

Suffice it to say, that was…an experience.


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