Rihanna’s Fenty Luxury Clothing Collection Is Finally Here

Since luxury goods conglomerate LVMH announced the launch of Fenty, a super luxe clothing line from your favorite multi-hyphenate, Rihanna, we’ve been curious to see RiRi’s work (work, work, work, work).

Now, Rih’s first Fenty collection is finally here. Spoiler alert: It expertly encapsulates Rihanna’s own personal brand of sexy-chic.

rihanna at the launch of fenty
Julien Hekimian/getty images

Rihanna first debuted the collection at the Fenty pop-up shop in Paris’s Marais last week, wearing a look of her own creation—a white corset blazer dress ($1,100) with power shoulders and super-pointy Affair sandals ($625). Rihanna seems to be designing for a woman who is exactly like…herself. In an interview with WWD, she explained, “I’m aggressive when it comes to style. I love being daring, I love pushing the envelope. I love every type of silhouette: I love strong silhouettes, I love women to look confident and badass, and so that’s exactly what I plan to bring.”

It’s that same emphasis on confidence that led the designer, singer and mogul to try every piece of clothing on her own body. Why? “You know, I’m a curvy girl, so if I can’t wear my stuff, it’s not going to work,” she told WWD.

“I need to see it on my hips, I need to see it on my thighs, I need to see it on my stomach. Is it making me look snatch, or is it just good on a fit model?” she added. “We stress a lot on that, and there’s definitely a huge diversity in the style of who’s wearing it, as you’ll see as the collections continue to roll out.”

Rihanna’s fastidiousness shows. Each look in the collection is tailor-made for hourglass figures, with cinched waists, billowing sleeves and a masculine-feminine mix of tailoring. It also shows traces of the influence of Matthew Adams Dolan, a young American designer with a penchant for modern takes on suiting, who Rihanna worked with on the release.

The Fenty range, which includes ready-to-wear, accessories, sunglasses and jewelry is now available at the Paris pop-up and on

Excuse us while we continue our lustful browsing.

*Additional reporting by Lex Goodman*