Everyone on Twitter Is Sharing Their ‘Rihanna Horoscope’—Here’s How to Find Yours

If you've ever wanted a glimpse into what your life would be like as Bad Gal RiRi, look no further. A tweet that's now gone viral can give you just that. (Well, kind of.)

In honor of Rihanna's own birthday, which happens to be today, people are figuring out their Rihanna spirit animal based on their own birthdays.

According to Twitter user @ChipdNudePolish, if you Google-Image-search "Rihanna" plus your birth month and day, the first image result is, well...your "mood," "aesthetic," Rihanna persona or whatever the kids are calling it these days. It's your Rihanna-scope!

For example:

This is Pisces Rihanna—dreamy, glamorous and dramatic.

When we googled "Rihanna January 18," we got Capricorn Rihanna:

rihanna horoscope

See? Polished and professional, no matter the occasion.

Shari (aka @ChipdNudePolish) told Teen Vogue that she was inspired by a similar internet game using Beyoncé as the celebrity. Her tweet now has more than 6,000 replies...and it appears Rihanna truly has a look for every day of the year.

(Honestly, we're not surprised.)


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