People Are KonMari-ing Their Exes’ Stuff and Selling It Online (and We Are Here for It)

woman packing up her ex s sneakers to sell online

In our newly Marie Kondo–obsessed world, it is perfectly acceptable to find yourself repeating the key KonMari mantra, “Does this item spark joy?” all throughout the day. But of course those items aren’t just limited to paperwork and old sweaters. You can also KonMari your relationships to rid yourself of those toxic individuals who are cluttering your happiness and mussing up your joy. And this is exactly what a slew of entrepreneurial ladies are doing right this second by listing their recent exes’ things on resale sites like OfferUp.

While pretty much all secondhand retailers have been experiencing an increase in the number of donations and listings thanks to Kondo, the resale site OfferUp has also been noting an uptick in the number of listings that describe the item as previously belonging to the seller’s ex. And honestly, if your ex isn’t going to come by to pick up that random pile of stuff that’s still sitting at your place, then why shouldn’t you profit from it?

A lot of the items themselves are already appealing (hello, brand-new KitchenAid stand mixer)…

Wool cloche hat: “Given as a gift from my ex who was a snappy dresser but a horrible boyfriend. He’s gone now and I’d rather have the money than the memories.”

Dakine backpack, new with tags: “Absolutely Brand new Dakine backpack. Nothing wrong with it. Ex boyfriend gave it to me and I’m cleaning out all his baggage. #BoyBYE”

Brand-new Kate Spade New York wallet: “My ex boyfriend bought this for me then dumped me… I cant look at it anymore. Glittery light blue color called ash glitter!”

A leather Raiders jacket: “Leather raiders jacket. My mom got it for her ex, and he didn’t take it when they split. We aren’t Raiders fans so his loss is your gain.”

Never-been-used XBox: “Bought for my ex but he cheated on me. So here you go.”

There’s also a few watchesa sapphire and diamond ring and an electric keyboard, among other things. So if you’re looking to unload both your physical and emotional baggage rather than splurge on watching a salmon version of your ex being eaten by a bear, why not earn a little cash at the same time? Hey, at the very least it’ll give you some extra dough to treat yourself to some much needed (and much deserved) self-care.

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