Meghan Markle Was Offered Chance to Continue Acting By Queen Elizabeth, Says Royal Expert

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke to Oprah in a bombshell interview that aired last month, there was a lot for us to unpack. Especially when it came to the Duke of Sussex’s statement that the royal family wanted the Duchess of Sussex to “carry on acting.”

In his claim, Harry seemed to assume that the suggestion was meant less like a way for Markle to keep her career and more like a way to have her keep her distance from the family. “That was right at the beginning when she wasn't going to get security when members of my family were suggesting that she carries on acting because there's not enough money to pay for her, and all this sort of stuff,” the 35-year-old revealed.

Lucky for us, PureWow’s own Royally Obsessed podcast recently shared an episode featuring an interview with Princess Diana’s royal biographer, Andrew Morton, who revealed his take on the matter.

“They were given a degree of latitude,” Morton told podcast hosts, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito. “They were told ‘here are your first-class tickets, pick a country you want to go to, we're going to make you youth ambassadors for the Commonwealth.'”

“In fairness to the royal family, in fairness to the Queen, she did give them that opportunity to go wherever they pleased around the world. And also, they did say to Meghan if you don't want to embrace royal duties full time please be our guest and continue your acting career. So all those opportunities were open to her and I think that if you want my view about what happened, neither of them gave it the thought they should have done.” Interesting.

Of course, we had to ask Fiorito her thoughts on Morton’s take. The podcast host exclusively told us, “Whether or not the queen offered Meghan Markle a chance to continue her acting career, it's clear [Markle] wanted to move in a different direction, toward humanitarian work and activism that is typical of a senior working royal.”

Listen to the full episode of Royally Obsessed below.