Queen Elizabeth Wrote a Thank-You Note to the Veterinarian Who Tried to Save One of Her Corgis

No matter the situation, Queen Elizabeth always put her corgis first.

Although the late monarch had multiple pets, there was one dog who always held a special place in her heart: Susan. The monarch received the pet as a gift for her 18th birthday, and she took care of her for over 14 years until Susan’s death in 1959.

Shortly after the dog’s passing, Queen Elizabeth fought through her grief and wrote a heartfelt letter to the veterinarian, Harold Swann, who tried to save the corgi. And much to our delight, People recently published the message for all to see.

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“I would like to thank you for all you did for my dear old Susan when she became ill, and for the immense amount of trouble you took in getting her sent to Cambridge and for all the care she had while she was there,” Queen Elizabeth wrote. “I had always dreaded losing her as I had had her since she was six weeks old, but I am ever so thankful that her suffering was so mercifully short.”

She concluded the message, “Yours sincerely, Elizabeth R.” FYI, the “R” stands for “Regina,” which is Latin for queen.

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According to People, Susan was buried at the queen’s Sandringham Estate with a headstone that said, “For almost 15 years, the faithful companion of the Queen.”

At long last, they’ve finally been reunited.

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