Queen Elizabeth's Signature Is Featured on a New Set of Coins (& It Has a Secret Meaning)

From Canada to Australia, Queen Elizabeth's portrait has been featured on currencies around the world. And now, the monarch is being honored with limited edition coins that include her famous signature.

To celebrate Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee this year, The Royal Mint (AKA the official maker of U.K. coins) launched a collection of three £5 coins, all of which include the queen's iconic Elizabeth R autograph. But it wasn't just added for style. According to Irish artist PJ Lynch, who designed the coins, the signature is also a powerful symbol of how the Her Majesty used her hands during her historic 70-year reign.

He told The Telegraph, "I began thinking about how her hands are such an important thing—she is always shaking hands, using them to carry out symbolic tasks like presenting awards, planting trees or unveiling plaques. It is how she communicates with hundreds, if not thousands, of people at once."

He added, "It led me to consider her signature, which is so symbolic, an instrument of state when she signs official documents, but also her personal promise and commitment. The more I looked at it, the signature was what was most important. I could see that if I focused on that, everything else could be simpler. It is ironic, yet understated: Elizabeth R. Nothing else is needed to explain who that is, it stands for so much on its own." (Fun fact: The "R" stands for "Regina," which is Latin for queen.)

According to The Royal Mint website, each coin highlights a different achievement. It reads, "The first coin in the collection focuses on Her Majesty’s awards and honors, which is a system that recognizes individual service in many forms. The second coin highlights Her Majesty’s work with charities and as a patron, whilst the third and final coin celebrates the Commonwealth, a ‘family of nations’ she has championed throughout her reign."

As seen in the photos shared by The Royal Mint, each silver coin has the same signature but different designs and lettering. One reads, "her Commonwealth of nations," while the other two say "the bestowing of her honor" and "her charity and her patronage."

Each five-pound coin is now available for purchase on The Royal Mint's website for $16. (Excuse us while we buy some new coins.)

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