Princess Diana’s Trainer Shares Rare Details About the Late Royal: ‘Her Boys Were Her Whole World’

princess diana trainer

Princess Diana’s trainer, Jenni Rivett, is opening up about what it was really like to work with the late royal.

Rivett recently sat down for an interview with The Daily Mail and explained how she first crossed paths with Princess Diana in 1991, when she was tasked with introducing the royal to the latest workout trends (like aerobics and roller blading). The lessons took place in the gardens of Kensington Palace and were frequently crashed by the princess’s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

“[Her boys] were her whole world and would often join in on our training sessions at Kensington Palace—annoying her occasionally,” Rivett said.

The trainer also confirmed that Princess Diana “had a very special bond with William and Harry and would love to embarrass them, too. Her sense of humor was one of her greatest traits.”

While discussing her experience working with Princess Diana, Rivett admitted that their get-togethers were extremely informal—so much so that the trainer unknowingly broke royal protocol on multiple occasions.

“I didn’t realize that I had to curtsy to her and only found out four years later when I saw her best friend (whom I also trained) curtseying to her in Kensington Gardens,” she explained. “She laughed when I apologized and said: ‘That’s why I love you, Jenni. Please don’t ever curtsy to me.’”

New life goal: Be more like Princess Diana.

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