Princess Diana Lets Young Prince William Do Her Makeup in Rare Behind-the-Scenes Video

We'd be lying if we said our increased fascination with Diana, Princess of Wales, had nothing to do with the fact that season four of The Crown premiered just over a month ago. And while we finished the ten episodes as fast as we could emotionally process them, we (and the rest of the world, it seems) are yearning for more glimpses into her glamorous (albeit tragically short) life.

So it should come as no surprise that a rediscovered clip of Princess Diana and Prince William has recently gone viral.

In the rare clip, shared by Diana fan account @diana.legacy, a 3-year-old William helps his mum prep for a photoshoot in Kensington Palace by applying face powder softly to her nose and cheeks. "That's lovely," Diana can be seen saying as William delicately pats her face.

princess diana william harry
Tim Graham/Getty Images

The now-iconic photos from the private shoot, which took place in 1985 in Kensington Palace, show a 24-year-old Princess Diana with William and 1-year-old Prince Harry sitting on a green padded piano bench. Photos of the royal family cover the top of the piano.

Per Tatler, the clip is actually part of a longer behind-the-scenes montage from the photoshoot by photographer Tim Graham.

In the 5-and-a-half-minute video, the boys bash the piano keys, William kisses Harry on the head (awww) and then wipes his mouth (LOL), and Prince Charles plays peekaboo with a napkin to get baby Harry's attention for the cameras.

Then, the moment for makeup touch-ups. (Wondering if he showed off the same skills when he married Kate...)


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