Princess Diana’s Brother Says This Royal Was the ‘Best’ Gift Giver

We all know and love Princess Diana, even years after her tragic passing. But did you know that her brother, Charles Spencer, was already connected to Queen Elizabeth when Diana married into the royal family?

On a new episode of his podcast Rabbit Hole Detectives, Spencer shared never-before-heard details about his godmother, Queen Elizabeth, and his royal-adjacent upbringing. (And we’re itching to learn more.)

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“I’m reluctant to say this because it sounds like a massive boast but it’s nothing to do with me,” Spencer said. “But I was actually christened in Westminster Abbey.”

Princess Diana’s brother explained that Queen Elizabeth made an exception because he was her godson…and Westminster Abbey was a short commute from Buckingham Palace. Spencer continued, “Not because of me or my family, but because the queen was kind enough to stand as one of my godparents, and it was convenient for her.”

princess diana brother queen elizabeth godmother queen mother
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Right on cue, co-host Richard Coles said what we’re all thinking: “So, did you get a birthday card from the queen?”

Spencer confirmed that Queen Elizabeth had a knack for giving meaningful presents. “The best present ever got from her was when I was at boarding school, and it was quite a tough boarding school,” he said. “I got from her a very small radio that looked like a book, so I could sneak into my dormitory and listen to under my pillow, to radio Luxembourg.”

Spencer confirmed that Queen Elizabeth signed the present, saying, “To Charles, from his godmother Elizabeth R.”

These stories are priceless.

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