Princess Charlotte Looks Nearly Identical to These 4 Royal Family Members as Kids

You’ve probably seen Prince William and Kate Middleton’s holiday photo, which was featured on their Christmas card. However, you might not have realized how much Princess Charlotte looks like her relatives in the new pic. Not only is she the spitting image of her dad, but she also resembles other distant family members, like Lady Kitty Spencer.

Keep scrolling for comparisons of Princess Charlotte alongside four members of the royal family.

princess charlotte prince william
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1. Prince William

Sorry, Kate Middleton. But Princess Charlotte is looking more like her dad by the day. Not only do they have identical faces, but they also have the same no-teeth smirk.

princess charlotte queen elizabeth1
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2. Queen Elizabeth

If you look past their hairstyles, you’ll notice the resemblance between the monarch and Charlotte, including their eyes and nose. Don’t even get us started on their nearly identical toothy smiles (as shown here).

princess charlotte lady kitty spencer
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3. Lady Kitty Spencer

Spencer is Princess Diana’s niece, so she’s blood-related to Char. She doesn’t look very much like the princess at first glance, but after seeing this childhood photo of Spencer, the resemblance is uncanny. While Spencer is blonder than Charlotte, they have identical features.

In 2019, Spencer shared a childhood photo of herself on Instagram, which only confirmed our suspicions: She and Charlotte are practically twins.

princess charlotte sarah chatto
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4. Sarah Chatto

Sarah Chatto is the daughter of Princess Margaret, making her Queen Elizabeth’s only niece. We didn’t think she resembled Princess Charlotte—that is, until we stumbled upon this childhood photo, which looks like Char in a brunette wig.

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