Princess Charlotte Is the Spitting Royal Image of Young Princess Diana in New Birthday Pics

Happy birthday, Princess Charlotte!

In honor of little Lottie's fourth birthday, mom Kate Middleton snapped some photos of her only daughter and—just us?—we had to do a double-take. We mean, just look at the resemblance between Princess Charlotte and her late grandmother, Princess Diana...

princess diana princess charlotte crossed hands
Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images

t's everythinggggg. The neatly kempt but still slightly tousled dirty-blonde locks, the full pink cheeks, the pouty bottom lip…we think Charlotte could be a Diana look-alike.

princess diana princess charlotte smile
Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images

We guess that adorable little closed-mouth smile runs in the fam. It's not just that little Char is a spitting image, though, that makes us love this #twinning moment. It's also that Princess Charlotte seems to embody the same carefree spirit of her grandmother, even as a young child. The playful attitude and casualness of it all feels so very Diana, in our not-so-humble opinion. (Plus, hello matching gray sweaters.)

And while we do, admittedly, think Charlotte favors her Spencer/Windsor side, we think we can see a hint of her mom's Middleton side...

princess diana princess charlotte lookalike smile
Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images

Not to worry, Duchess! This smile, in particular, feels very "Kate" (see exhibit A, B and C).

The countdown continues for when we'll be able to search for Baby Sussex resemblances (not like we're waiting on pins and needles, or anything)...


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