Queen Elizabeth Just Bestowed Another Title Upon Kate Middleton (and It's Way Fancy, Y'all)

A royal proclamation from Queen Elizabeth herself: Kate Middleton has been bestowed with yet another title (to add to her long list, which includes Duchess of Cambridge, Princess of the United Kingdom, Countess of Strathearn, Lady Carrickfergus, etc. etc.). 

On April 29, Queen Liz added "Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order" to Middleton's name, according to a grand announcement from Buckingham Palace. The title addition was made personally by the queen (that means it's, like, way important, you guys) and was awarded for "services to the Sovereign."

Quick refresher ('cus of course you already know all this): The Royal Victorial Order is a knighthood order bestowed by the head of the sovereign family (Gan-Gan) and was founded in 1896 by Queen Victoria. It recognizes distinguished personal service to the monarch of the Commonwealth realms, aka the queen. A Dame Grand Cross is the highest order for a woman of the Royal Victorian Order to receive, and is equivalent to knighthood. (Anyone else getting major Ser Brienne of Tarth vibes?)

The timing couldn't be better, either. Today marks Kate and William's eight-year wedding anniversary, so it's basically the Best. Day. Ever. (If you're K.Middy, obvi.)

The queen submitted her request for Kate Middleton to be awarded this title just in the knick of time. A service for the RVO, held every four years, is scheduled for Friday, May 3, at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. All the royal family members (minus Meghan Markle, for obvious reasons) are expected to attend.

Middleton's new honor will be visibly apparent, since she'll have to wear a blue sash in recognition of the RVO appointment.

So, yeah, that's Dame Kate to you.

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