What Prince Philip’s Death Means for the Royal Family, According to the Co-Host of ‘Royally Obsessed’

We’re still trying to wrap our head around the news of Prince Philip’s passing. And while we’d do anything to give Queen Elizabeth a (socially distant) hug, we can’t help but wonder what this means for the royal family.

That’s why we turned to Roberta Fiorito, co-host of the Royally Obsessed podcast, who discussed how his death will impact the queen and co. Although Prince Philip “retired” back in 2017, Fiorito confirmed that the U.K. will pause all affairs of state, so the country can mourn.

The length of the “official” mourning period varies for different people: Queen Elizabeth’s will last for eight days, while the royal household’s will stretch for 30 days. Although the nation’s will span for ten days, Fiorito predicted that Prince Philip’s life will be celebrated for much longer.

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“The nation will probably be in a state of mourning for quite some time, even after the official 10-day mourning period for the nation is over,” she told PureWow.

Although we’re obviously saddened by the news, we don’t think it’ll have a huge impact on Queen Elizabeth’s reign. If anything, there is the remote chance that the monarch may choose to step down sooner rather than later, but of course that is less than likely.

There’s no denying this is the end of an era, but perhaps it’s a chance for new beginnings. It might even bring the family closer together in light of the recent rift that seems to have developed between Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William.

On the positive side, Fiorito noted that Prince Philip’s memory will live on. “At 99, with a few past health problems and a one-month stay in hospital this year, it’s not completely unexpected to hear of Prince Philip’s passing. But that doesn't make it any less heart-wrenching,” she said. “As the longest-serving royal consort in British history, the Duke of Edinburgh was a lifelong confidant and advisor to the Queen—her biggest supporter and best friend. Our hearts go out to the British royal family, and especially Her Majesty.” P.S. Royally Obsessed is releasing a mini episode on Prince Philip’s death later today, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Sending our thoughts and condolences to the entire royal family.

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