Kate Middleton Reveals the Royal Children All Love to Eat...Beetroot?

prince louis

Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have very specific tastes when it comes to vegetables, according to Kate Middleton. 

On Wednesday, the mother of three made a surprise visit to LEYF—the London Early Years Foundation—Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Pre-school in support of her new survey about early childhood development. 

According to Hello!, the duchess chatted with trainee Luke Nelson-Neil about the vegetable beetroot. “I still can't get them (the children) to eat it,” said Nelson-Neil. “Mine absolutely love it—it's one of those things, until you try it, you don't know,” responded Middleton. Yup, these royal children love beets. 

We first learned of Prince Louis’s love for the vegetable back in December, when Middleton and Prince William joined baking expert Mary Berry for A Berry Royal Christmas. During the event, the duchess opened up about Christmas dinner and the family’s very own vegetable patch.

“We grow our own vegetables,” Middleton told Berry. “We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot—a massive favorite—Louis absolutely loves beetroot.” As for her other children, Middleton also gave viewers some insight into Charlotte’s food preferences. “Charlotte obviously likes her Charlotte potatoes,” she said. Makes sense. 

During that same segment, the duchess revealed that she has a passion for baking—so much so that she’s created an annual tradition where she stays up late on the eve of her children’s birthdays, so they can wake up to a delicious treat.  

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