Prince Charles Shows Off French-Speaking Skills While Promoting Major New Project

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Prince Charles is a man of many talents.

In addition to playing the cello and being a skilled painter, the Duke of Cornwall also happens to be multilingual. In December, when the royal virtually joined One Planet Summit, he delivered his entire address in French and, well, color us impressed.

When translated to English, his message was, "I am most touched to have been invited to join all of you, at the start of this year of hope, for this vitally important One Planet Summit. I can only congratulate you, Dear President, for providing such a crucial opportunity to galvanize ambitious, but practical action to address the critical challenges facing this planet, which we all share with the rest of nature."

Prince Charles recently launched his Earth Charter Project (or Terra Carta), which aims to "bring prosperity into harmony with nature, people and planet over the coming decade," according to his official statement. Companies like BlackRock, Bank of America and HSBC are supporting the cause.

Believe it or not, French isn't the only language that the future king can speak. As you may have learned on Netflix's The Crown, Prince Charles learned to speak Welsh when he was just 20 years old. And in November, while attending the Central Remembrance Ceremony in Berlin, he delivered some of his speech in German.

Clearly, Prince Charles is just full of surprises.

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