Mmm...Watch Bradley Cooper Speak French

And nine other surprisingly multilingual celebs

First, we tipped you off to some extremely accomplished leading ladies. Now, watch ten stars show off some serious linguistic skills and prepare to feel slightly bad about skipping senior-year Spanish.

Bradley Cooper

Speaks: English and French

Watch now; thank us later.


Speaks: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian

Her hips don’t lie, but her mouth can--in five languages.

Sandra Bullock

Speaks: English and German

Bullock spent 12 years as a child in Nuremberg with her American father and German mother, an opera singer.

Colin Firth

Speaks: English and Italian

Firth’s wife, Livia, is an Italian fashion designer, and while he says his grasp on the language isn’t sufficient enough to act in an Italian film, we beg to differ. Mr. Darcy per sempre.

Mila Kunis

Speaks: Russian and English

Born in Ukraine, Kunis hilariously defended Justin Timberlake against a Russian journalist at a press conference in 2011.

Penelope Cruz

Speaks: Spanish, French, Italian and English

Cruz was the first Spanish actress to win an Academy Award, but her skills go beyond just those two languages. She also translated her Italian lines in Woody Allen’s To Rome with Love and says Allen still doesn’t know what she was saying.

Kobe Bryant

Speaks: English and Italian

Fun fact: Bryant's father played professional basketball, too--except in Italy, where Kobe spent time as a child.

Natalie Portman

Speaks: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, French and Japanese


Diane Kruger

Speaks: German, English and French

Kruger is actually native to Germany, where she studied English as a child. French came a bit later, during her modeling days in Paris. Of course.

Edward Norton

Speaks: English and Japanese

After studying Japanese at Yale, Norton worked in Osaka for a company that created affordable housing for low-income families. Swoon.

susan waits

Lousy baker, stellar shopping buddy

You can find Susan either blissfully buried in a pile of clothes or on a plane between L.A. and NYC.