Will Prince Charles Allow Archie & Lili to Receive Prince & Princess Titles? A Royal Expert Weighs in

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Many have been wondering about the status of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children ever since the two stepped down from their royal roles back in the beginning of 2020.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex resigned from their positions, they still maintain their duke and duchess titles, and according to royal tradition, their children can be given titles as well. When Archie was born, he was offered the aristocratic title of Earl of Dumbarton, which the couple kindly turned down, opting to call him Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor instead. While newborn Lilibet hasn't been given a title yet, we noted she will likely be offered the title of Lady.

But, when Prince Charles eventually ascends to the throne, he talks of 'slimming down' the royal family, which leads many to turn their eyes to the Sussexes. However, fear not, because royal expert Robert Lacey doesn't think the future king will do anything drastic.

“I don't think he will make the unpopular and hostile move of removing the royal status of his grandchildren,” Lacey told People.

When Prince Charles becomes king, his grandchildren will all automatically be granted the titles of either prince or princess, due to a rule established by King George V way back in 1917.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren't looking to step in the way either, as Markle previously told Oprah Winfrey, “It's not our decision to make [on whether our children have a title]. Even though I have a lot of clarity of what comes with the titles good and bad...that is their birthright to then make a choice about.”

According to Lacey, Prince Charles will most likely dedicate his energy to getting his wife, Camilla, upgraded to queen. When the couple first got married back in 2005, the duchess earned three titles: Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess of Wales (the last of which she's never used out of respect for Princess Diana). And much more recently, the duchess earned a brand-new title, Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles.

However, when Prince Charles becomes king, the Duchess of Cornwall will technically only be a princess consort, but her husband will have the power to upgrade her to queen.

We have a feeling we'll be seeing a Queen Camilla, Prince Archie and Princess Lili in our future.

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